Monday, June 6, 2016

Dubious Milestone (#microblogmonday)

C (aka Jill) has her first ear infection at nearly 10 months old. She's coping pretty well so far with the antibiotic (unlike her sister who had explosive diarrhea and nasty diaper rashes with her first couple rounds of antibotics) and it certainly seems to be improving her mood!

Trying an idea I stole from Empty Arms, Broken Heart.  #microblogmonday


  1. In my 30s too, antibiotics create a havoc with my system causing severe stomach aches. I avoid taking them as far as possible but in certain conditions they become absolutely necessary. Am glad your little kid's condition has been improving. It may be such a relief to you from all the crankiness.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out and for your comment on my blog, G! I am adding a more detailed response there. In regards to antibiotics and tummy disturbances, I've noticed I only have issues with certain ones and it's only something I've noticed with age. Hopefully, if your little girl is ever on antibiotics again it will be a more agreeable version.....

  3. That is definitely a dubious milestone. I hope she's better soon!