Thursday, November 24, 2011


There were a lot of things that we knew we'd be providing to the foster children in our care. Before we even started the training process, we were excited about offering:
  1. a safe place to sleep
  2. warm, weather-appropriate clothing
  3. plenty of food
  4. lights/heat/air conditioning that stay on
  5. warm water for bathing
By the time we'd been through the 20 hours of foster parent training that the state requires, we understood we'd also be giving:
  1. structure
  2. consistent rules and consequences
  3. help with homework
  4. a family environment in which to live
It wasn't until after L and O arrived that we saw that we were also:
  1. an example -- possibly the first one -- of a functional adult relationship
  2. teaching responsibility for one's own actions and behaviors.
I thought I knew how much I, and my children, had to be thankful for; I didn't really get it. Until a saw the lack of those things in the eyes of a child.

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