Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I can't say (but want to) . . .

  • For the love of God, SHUT UP!!
  • I'm sure Mommy does let you do that; maybe that's why you're here.
  • I don't care what you did at Daddy's house.
  • That is not true. You do not have 3 dogs/a Wii/a shirt like that one/whatever at Mommy's house because Mommy does not have a house.
  • Stop bringing your child junky little gifts to every visit. Spend your money on the things you need to do to get them OUT of foster care. You're training them to think they should get a present every time they see you.

  • I know you've never had to sleep alone, but I can't let you sleep with me or your sister because it would be illegal.
  • I know you're not deaf because I've had your hearing checked. Are you not listening or are you an idiot?

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