Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Successful Hurdle Leaping!

A few hours after my last post, I got a phone call. It's not all the answers, but it did tell me that BioMom has successfully crossed the last "t". It was safe to tell the kids the transition plan.

And it was safe to begin transitioning their possessions back to BioMom's house with each visit.  (They have a lot of possessions, so knowing we'll have 4 or 5 trips to get everything moved is reassuring.)

Doing the Happy Dance.

Everyone asks me if it isn't going to be "so hard" to "let them go."

Maybe it will be when the real day comes.

But, right now? Right now, I am so excited for their BioMom, who has worked her rear end off for months and never missed a chance to visit with her kids. Right now, I am thrilled for these children who have wanted this whole year to "go home" even though "home" was never a place to them--it was a person. Right now, I am ecstatic for my own biological family, which has been wearing thin and needing a prolonged break from the behaviors of L and O.

Right now, I am dancing in the streets.

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