Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best laid plans

So, we had that lovely review panel.

And we talked about changing the visit location between the time with Mom and the time with Dad and I was all excited about that.

The next visit.....first with Mom (at McDonald's), then with Dad (possibly at a nearby park).

Except that when the supervisor picked S up, she told me she hadn't been able to reach Dad to confirm the plan, so she wasn't sure how it would actually all play out. 30 minutes into the visit with Mom, I got a call from the supervising person. Dad is "unavailable" for the visit today, she tells me carefully, and asks if I'll be at home 2 hours sooner than originally planned.

"Unavailable" = back in jail. He was out long enough to have one visit with her and to attend the review panel.

At least nobody told S he was sick again. (S is of the opinion that he had to go to work, a lie with which I am perfectly comfortable.)

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