Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What if they don't?

Generally, I love PBS Kids programming. We happen to get two different local PBS stations, so when my pre-school kids watch TV during a school day, their choices are PBS1 show and PBS2 show. (Generally this means I'm saying things like "you can watch Dinosaur Train or Super Why, which do you choose?" If they don't like either of these, well, I guess we'll do something else then.)

This usually works well, and we love us some Super Why and Curious George at this house.

S has taken a liking to the new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as well, which has been fine....until today. If you've never watched the show, there's always a short sung tag line that's the "lesson" for the day. (There's been things like "Making something is one way to say I love you" or "When you feel so mad that you want to ROAR, take deep breath and count to 4!") The song gets repeated several times as the character has to practice that lesson during the story.

Today, the story is one of those stories that sounds like a great idea . . . to people who've never had foster kids.

The premise is that Daniel's parents went out for the evening and he had a baby-sitter stay with him.

Today's theme tag song was "grown-ups come back."

Oops. We, um, obviously didn't watch the whole thing. I "remembered" that we were going to make muffins today and we did that instead.


  1. Oh, we haven't seen that one yet but I'll have to keep my eyes open, because my girls love Daniel Tiger even though they're a little above the target age. We do talk about how one of the parent jobs IS to come back at the right time and to leave the child safe in the meantime and contrast that with some of their parents' choices, but they already know that grown-ups sometimes don't come back and have suffered for it.