Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's all Glacial

Glacial is my word for the day.

As in, the pace of this case glacial.

Nothing much new right now, except that I learned something about the case history which makes me even more frustrated with this glacial pace.

I knew that S's mother's initial arrest was drug related. I was under the impression that the drug in question was a highly addictive, extremely dangerous one. The drug I thought was involved is one that I have been told is very difficult to stop using; many drug counselors are adamant that the usual "6-months clean" on a case plan is not even close to being enough to ensure that the parent has truly kicked the addiction. That understanding was giving me some modicum of comfort with the glacial pace of the rest of this case, as it meant that S's mom was getting more than 6 months to really stay clean.

On a piece of paperwork today, I saw reference to her drug arrest. It stated that the drug in question is not the one I though. Instead, it is a much milder drug -- one that is legal in some parts of the country, although not here.

I am not going to debate drug legalization in this space. I don't know enough of the facts about addiction and the different types of drugs in question to speak knowledgeably about that.  The fact is that, in this state, that drug is illegal. I don't believe that it's OK to break laws just because you don't believe they are "right", so I'm not going to argue that S's mother "didn't do anything wrong."

But I sure do feel like she did a heck of lot less than I first thought. And the idea that S has been here -- and limited to 4 hours a month with her mother -- for EIGHT MONTHS over this makes me sick to my stomach.

Still hearing that the caseworker is "working on unsupervised visits" which could be longer and more frequent because they don't cost the county any money. Still offering to personally transport to and from said visits if that will help them happen.

Finally getting counseling started.

Glacial. Things that affect the lives of 3 year olds should not be glacial.


  1. I hope you do your own research too. I found out quite a bit more info on my kid's bios that was not included in my official paperwork. Check to see if your county has court records online ... google search ...etc. The more I found out about my kid's bios, the more I realized that it went beyond the intial event.

  2. I do research. It was actually my own research of arrest records that gave me the impression it was the harder drug, but seeing this official document made me realize that some of what I believed came from putting multiple things together. (I found based on research that it was a drug arrest; I found based on research that bio dad was arrested previously for distribution of the harder drug; I knew that the county drug squad had been doing sweeps at that time looking for users of the harder drug. I had put all that together and assumed the harder drug was the substance she was arrested for using. Not so.)

  3. Glacial...that is a VERY appropriate word!