Thursday, June 27, 2013


Just when I thought I couldn't be more surprised with how completely messed up this case is.

S's mother is very close to being approved for overnight visits, as part of the plan to begin to transition her home. Yay!

The caseworker is filling out paperwork to submit to the judge to request that change. She said that "it's better" if she can include statements of support from as many different people involved in the case as possible. (I heard that "it's better" as "the more of these I have, the more likely the decision is a quick one.") OK. So, she's got my support, her own, bio mom's, and the CASA's....and she's waiting on one from S's GAL.

That's sounds fine, right?

Except when you know that this is the first I have heard of the existence of S's GAL.

Almost 11 months into the case.

S has an attorney representing her in court that is someone I have never met and who has made no attempt to have any sort of contact with the child he or she (I don't even know which!) is supposedly representing. (And I've been to court, by the way. Always accompanied by S. So it's not like there hasn't been an opportunity to meet me or has been an opportunity to meet S that I might not know about.)

And I thought the CASA -- who I've seen about 3 times -- was bad. At least I know her name.

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