Thursday, September 19, 2013


There was some confusion at the agency about when we would be open for another placement.

I had told our caseworker on S's case that we needed to get Susan settled into middle school and they could call us after Labor Day.

Labor Day came and went. No calls.

We wondered about this, but shrugged it off, assuming they just weren't getting calls that were appropriate for us. (Older children, medical needs that we aren't equipped to handle, etc.)

Yesterday, I got an email from another caseworker at the agency asking if we were ready to take in another placement.

I responded last night that we were and she replied immediately, saying "great!"

You experienced foster parents know what this means. For any readers that aren't experienced foster parents, this means we were not on the open list yesterday, but we were as of this morning (or possibly late last night when she sent me the responding email). Which also means....I got a call today.

9 month old baby boy.

That's pretty much all I know. Well, that and that he'll be here in about an hour and he's coming from a DFCS foster home that has too many children. (They've just taken on a kinship placement.)

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