Saturday, June 14, 2014


BioMom self-reports (again) that she has relapsed (again) and been officially kicked out of her outpatient drug rehab program.

She says she's going to try to get into a (different) inpatient one, but declined any help my agency caseworker offered her to make that happen.

Still waiting to hear the county caseworker's response to all this....probably won't happen until next week at best.

Not sure how I feel about this. It seems like inpatient is the best thing for her -- and I'm glad to hear that she seems to understand that. But getting into a program (especially having just been kicked out of one) is going to be hard. It's going to require a lot of follow-through and persistent effort. The fact that she is refusing help with that part makes me wonder if she really wants to get into the program at all.

If M ends up being a permanent part of our family, I want to be able to tell her -- honestly -- that I did everything I could to help her mother succeed in getting her back. Right now, all I can do to help her (besides take care of her child) is pray.

In other news, the CASA is requesting that the county caseworker meet with her and the agency caseworker next week. The CASA is ticked off (rightfully so) because the only person who ever updates her on what's going on is me. (I don't think she's mad at the agency caseworker -- most of what the agency caseworker knows comes from me, too.) Taking this as a sign of a good CASA for M, which is always a good thing. The CASA also has learned that no one is updating the GAL. (I'd mentioned in one of my updates that I don't have his email address and asked anyone who did to forward my emails on to him. She'd been working on verifying she had the right address before forwarding. Guess she got through to him.)

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