Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Court Date Set!

We have a court date for M's adoption finalization!

In a moment that is so typical of how this case has progressed, we got a call from the lawyer this morning saying she was trying to nail down the court date. How would next week be? Next week!

The lawyer told us she usually asks for her payment 2 weeks before the court date, but that's obviously not possible, so, could we pay her soon, please? (Check going in the mail immediately, of course.)

We're working on getting Peter, Susan and Edmund excused from school that day (easy for Edmund, pretty easy for Susan, a little more complicated for Peter. He's got final exams that he will miss, so he's having to work out a make-up plan with those teachers.). It hasn't quite hit me yet, but this is really happening before Christmas!

And I guess we're finally going to have a "Lucy."


  1. Congratulations! Your state isn't paying for the lawyer fees?

    1. Nope. My state only pays the fees if the child "qualifies for adoption assistance." They only qualify if they are "special needs," either medically or by virtue of being over a specific age (I think it's 8?), or if they have been in care for more than 2 years. Since M is less than a year old and has no known health issues, she doesn't qualify. The lawyer fee isn't exorbitant (less than $2000) and it'll be deductible on our income taxes.

    2. It was exactly the same when we adopted our middle son as an infant. The lawyer quoted me $1700 if I remember correctly. He was my cheapest kid (my bios were super expensive).

  2. Amazing, what a wonderful Christmas present!