Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nothing to See Here

I haven't been posting as much about N as I did about other placements.

Truthfully, there's just not much to say. He's a sweet, cuddly one year old with no major behavior issues or delays. He's not old enough to say or do things that are likely to be "cute" when retold to others. I don't need the release of venting on here about frustrating behaviors. His parents are kind, hard working people who are doing their best to get their baby back. There's no drama coming from them or because of them. The case is dragging, but the CASA is doing her best to keep things moving. I'm used to cases dragging by now and am just glad that I'm not the one having to jump and down to make progress.

I did just spend nearly a week in the hospital with him as he had surgery. Hopefully, this will be the last one to repair the damage done from his injury, although he will need regular followups for the rest of his life. The hospital experience was exhausting, but as good as any such experience can be. His surgery was done at a pediatric hospital that does an excellent job of making things as easy as possible for family members and patients. His parents came to visit him daily and stayed for hours -- and I could slip away while they were there. He didn't like that I left him, but he got over it quickly and it made it possible for me to cope with the nights and the rest of the day when they couldn't be there. Nurses and social workers and the hospital chaplain all came by to check on him and me regularly (the chaplain making a point to tell me to get a break every now and then, including a little mini-lecture on the importance of self-care). Friends and staff members from our church came by to visit and offered to bring me anything I wanted or needed.

I'm expecting him to be gone in about a month. That month should include gradually increasing time spent with his family instead of here.

I'm enjoying not having much to say that is blog-fodder, but it feels a little bit like I've been neglecting this lately. I probably shouldn't get too hung up on that, though; who knows who comes in next!

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