Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another surgery, another caseworker

Well, that "last" surgery didn't turn out to be the last one after all.

There was some swelling that kept getting bigger, so I called the surgeon's office. They had me bring him in to "take a look." I could tell from the look on their faces when they saw him that they had thought I was going to be a parent over-reacting to normal swelling....which I was not. We had another surgery scheduled immediately to fix the shunt that was supposed to be draining all that fluid. Praying this one really truly is the "last one."

In the midst of that -- quickly scheduling a surgery -- the caseworker informed me that she was moving to a different role and would no longer be on the case. Less than a month before court. Lovely. At least she could tell me who the new caseworker was.

Even more lovely was the email I received shortly after from my agency caseworker telling me that the new caseworker has a horrible reputation for being unresponsive. This should be fun.

We go back to court again in about a week. At this point, I'm just hoping that the new not-so-good caseworker doesn't mess things up for N to go home!

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