Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How Yesterday Went

  • Got a text telling me he was signing surrenders.
  • I replied asking about the DNA sample
  • Responding text said they were doing that "right now."
  • Anna brought C back to the house.
  • She said "you were right; she does hate the car."
  • Learned that they had taken C's DNA sample.
  • Anna did not actually see biofather's sample given and she said she "hoped he didn't leave."
  • There is a rule (law? policy?) that states the child has to be in the home for 6 months before finalizing an adoption. I understand the logic behind the law, but Anna says she'll see if they can get it waived for this case on the grounds that we are already the adoptive parents of the sibling.
 Pending DNA results (which should take 2-4 weeks, but last time took closer to 6) and also pending the window of time biodad has to change his mind and revoke his surrender (highly unlikely -- he declined a final visit), C is "legally free." She's not quite 2 months old.

We've contacted the lawyer and started the process rolling.

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