Friday, September 21, 2012

Caseworker meeting

A quick update on BioMom's "doing well."

Caseworker still says that, but admits to being baffled as to why she's ducking the interviewer's calls.

Based on what I'm told BioMom has started doing on her case-plan, I can fully believe that she legitimately couldn't make the dentist appointment. (She's gotten a job, she's started a couple different required "classes" and is also enrolled in a drug treatment program. She also still doesn't have a car and she does not live in an area with much in the way of useful public transportation. At this point in the case, it's probably right for her to prioritize all those other commitments over an appointment for the child that the mom knew I would ensure was kept.)

Why no one let me know she wouldn't be there is still beyond me, but hey, I'm just the foster parent, right? I don't need to know important things like whether the child's parent will be present at a medical appointment. Grr.

For the record, I have no idea whose fault it is that I didn't know. Did BioMom tell someone, assuming the news would be passed on? No telling. And blame isn't important right now, so I'm not asking, just trying to let it go. And venting on here is part of how I let it go...

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