Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As far as I can tell, there's no legal reason D's Mom and Dad can't have contact. But there could be something no one is telling me. Domestic violence is not a part of this case, but I'm well aware that doesn't mean it hasn't happened in the past.

The day after D's marathon day of visits with Mom and Dad, both cases went to court.

I spent the day doing mindless things-that-need-to-be-done. I did the grocery shopping. I caught up on the laundry. When I hadn't heard anything by about 3pm, I began to assume that they weren't going anywhere for a while because the caseworker had said he would call me if they were leaving, but would just email me an update of what happened if they weren't.

Then the phone rang. And I realized my cell phone had been in the car for the last few hours and I hadn't been on email in about the same amount of time.

Agency caseworker had left me a message at around 1:30. D was going to Dad, S was staying "for at least a few more weeks."

An hour later, I was driving him to meet his family in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, hoping I hadn't forgotten to pack anything important. Thankfully, I had a state-approved babysitter already lined up for something happening later in the evening and she was able to come a little early. So D said his goodbyes to everyone at the house and S did not have to watch him reunite with family while she does not.

And I just sent the rated T game home with him, without ever getting into the fact that he wouldn't be allowed to play it here, even if we'd had a system he could have used for it....

And now...I am fostering only one child, which is a new and strange experience for me! (Guess I'd better give them their own labels now...)

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  1. Oh, wow, what a change! I'm assuming they saw each other as sibling-like and that's why they were placed together. (Nia talks about her mom's ex's son, who would sometimes stay for the weekend, that way.) I hope it's not too weird and upsetting for S to adjust to the new normal. "For at least two weeks," that is, which could of course mean anything.