Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holding my breath....

Bio-mom is in labor in the hospital.

I've been told she's working the plan and making progress.

I've been told they will only take the baby into care if there is some sign of neglect or abuse for this child; the fact that his siblings are in state custody is not a reason for my state to take a baby at birth. However, he will be drug-screened at the hospital and if anything shows up, he'll be picked up by DFCS. Also, they'll be watching every move she makes once she's left the hospital with the baby and any sign of anything will be enough for them to swoop in and take him.

I've been told that if they do take the baby, they will call us first, since we are caring for his siblings.

I really don't want to take the baby, but we don't have any non-selfish (read: "I just don't wanna") reason not to and we know that L would be heartbroken to know that baby is anywhere but with her or her mother.

Please, God, let him have a clean drug screen?

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