Monday, January 9, 2012

Preschool conversations

In the car on the way home from preschool, with the three-year old--he's trying so hard to figure our family relationships, and all I can do is keep it as simple as I can for him.

Mommy is my mother. Yes

Nana is my grandmother. Yes.

Daddy is Your father. Daddy is your father.

And I'm N's** Big Brother. Yes. You are N's big brother and he's your little brother. 

L is your Big Sister. Yeah--she my big sister. And she'll be N's big sister, too, just like she's your big sister. Oh.

Mommy is my mother? yes. And that why we go see her every....every... Every week. Yes. Mommy is your mother and you get to see her every week.

**Bio-mom is pregnant, with a boy, who has been named already. She talks to the kids about the baby a lot and says things like "N misses you!" O is still kind of confused about interacting with a child he can't see, I think, but she's getting pretty close to the due date and they've gotten to feel the baby kick a few times during a visit.

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