Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Wheels Turn Slowly....

Visit with mom today.

The baby is still in the NICU, still having trouble breathing.

L and O will have to have flu shots before they're allowed to see them, says their mom.

My agency caseworker says hospital visits to the baby haven't been approved by the county caseworker yet, but to go ahead and do the flu shots anyway.

His drug screen was clean--thank you, God!--but her current housing goes away in about 6 weeks, so she and Baby may be homeless at that point. I'm told that I can expect the county to be watching every move she makes to be prepared to take him into care at the slightest sign of neglect or abuse. (With this mom, more likely neglect.)

Still no word on the relative placement.

I'm still trying to figure out how to answer the inevitable question from L when Baby Brother goes home with mom: How come Baby Brother gets to stay with Mommy and we don't? Got no good answer to that one, not without violating my rule against saying negative things about the birth parents to the kids. I'm just hoping for inspiration before it gets asked!

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